100% Vegan Restaurant in Bergen

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Our Values


We avoid products that have been tested on animals or in any way caused harm to them.

Life in harmony

Every sentient being is able to feel mental and physical pleasure and pain; lives of animals are as important to us as lives of humans.


We strictly refrain from use and consumption of anything that was obtained from animals.


Earthlings are responsible for leaving the planet safe and protected for the future generations.


We want people to be mentally and physically healthy, that is why we do not use any added sugars in our meals, even desserts.


All our desserts are raw cooked and gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy their natural flavour.

About us

After living in different countries we moved to Norway and after working in so many kitchens and seeing cruelty every day we decided to open something that would make us happy within our personal and professional lifes.

We are a very small team of a chef and a baker, who decided to open Vegan Vacation not only because of being vegans but also because of cruelty to animals and to the environment. We have over 35 years experience working all over the world including England, Iceland, New York and now Norway.

On January 11th 2020 we opened the door to our cozy little vegan restaurant in Bergen.


All our meals are 100% vegan and homemade.
“Excellent food and excellent service. I recommend vegan vacation. You won’t regret it! I had a great time there”
“Here you really get tasty home-made vegan meals and absolutely delicious raw, sugar free, vegan desserts. The atmosphere is cozy and the prices are great too! Finally a vegan restaurant in Bergen!”
“This place is awesome!! vegan food here is homemade incredibly tasty and the owner is from another planet, he is so kind and make your meal a whole experience. we have repeated the same day, lunch and dinner!! Bravo Vegan Vacation”
“People in Bergen (vegan or not).... go out from your house and go to Vegan Vacation restaurant, best chef ever! Try all the food that he has in the menu because is GREAT, you can feel the love he puts in every single meal and of course cruelty free food. A BIG applause to him!!!”
“I cannot recommend enough this place. I have never tried vegan cheese and this was my first time, it was just sooo delicious and also the best vegan desserts I have ever tried. I loved the place, very cosy and the people there are soo kind and caring. I wish them the best!”

Contact Us

For bookings and other inquiries please contact us through one of our online channels, call us +47 967 15 728 or visit us at Øvregaten 14, 5003 Bergen